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The Shirrell's Life Adventures
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Cyber friends that I correspond with

My favorite WOLFGANG photo
My very attractive friend Wolfie

Another of my wonderful cyber Friends R.J.
He's a sweetie in my opinion, 2004

Robbi on left from St. Louis
We met on my fibromyalgia board and met in March at Branson

Robie and Hubby Jack
When we met at Red Lobster for lunch 2004

My newest cyber friend and room mate
DANEEN, another fibromyalgia friend, we hope to get acquainted soon.

Irene and Bill Leeder,'s cyber friends
We have yet to meet but may go to AZ. next winter with them.

Jan on the right, another cyber friend
Jan just bought her new R.V. and you go girl !!

My good cyber friend Rosie on left and me
We met on my fibromyalgia site, and she has visited us in Branson.

Michael Kreible
Known as Wolfgang Hartung

Meet the cyber group

Over the past 4 years I have met and kept many friends on the internet.  We have exhanged cards, gifts, and hobbies.

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